Anxiety vs. Intuition How do you know the difference?

Anxiety and Intuition can both protect us from harm. However, intuition has a very sure, loving presence in our body. It is clear and direct. When intuition is present there is no worry or panic.

Anxiety is all fear and worry and what ifs. It asks more questions than gives answers. It can be unsure and confused. It’s concerned with the what next, or opinions, thoughts and feelings of others.

Anxiety is what occurs in the presence of fear, Intuition is what you hear in the absence of fear.

When you have a dysregulated nervous system, the lack of safety and self trust drowns out intuition. It never leaves us but it’s whispers are often missed.

In order to increase the volume of our intuition we have to decrease the volume of our anxiety, regulate our system and come back into a place of safety and balance.

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