We are leading the way in modernizing therapy!

As a group of professional therapists, we come together to offer therapy & counseling services to individuals, couples, families, and children. We work with a wide range of ages (children, teens, & adults) dealing with various challenges and dilemmas. We believe in tapping into the natural strengths of the individual, working together, and developing ways that can help us enjoy life more fully. We each have different areas of interest and specialties that are listed below.


Here at Life Redefined, we see people, not problems.

We believe all behaviors, even unhealthy ones, make sense when the context is fully understood. We will work to uncover the context in which these unhealthy behavioral cycles were developed, and with patience and compassion, we work to create a space where new, healthier patterns can manifest.

Whether it is your mind, body, or spirit you are looking to enhance or transform, we will walk with you through your process. Relationships, even the one we have with ourselves, can be challenging and complex. We are not taught self-compassion or the art of forgiveness. We are not taught how to be parents, partners, or teenagers! We are not taught that how we treat and what we feed our bodies is a direct reflection of the love we feel for ourselves. At Life Redefined we have family therapists, couple therapists, child therapists, individual therapists, and wellness coaches waiting to address all of your counseling needs.

We are excited for you to find a couples counseling therapist in Houston that fits your personality and needs! Learn more about the professionals at Life Redefined by clicking below!


Meet Our Therapists

Divya Brahmbhatt


Saudia Turney

LMFT- Supervisor, WholefitCoach

Andrea Johnson

LMFT, Wholefit Coach

Joshua Castro




Always does a great job of getting me to ask the tough questions and keeps me thinking. And she genuinely cares, which is awesome!
"Josh has been providing my husband and I with the necessary resources that help us to identify, process, and work through the difficulties in our marriage, and ourselves. One example would be the way we communicate with each other. When our sessions with Josh started to present day, our communication has become healthier, because we are learning how to be better listeners."
"Working with Josh, has helped me grow for myself and the others around me. I’ve learned how to properly control my anger and frustration and learn to let it out in a healthy manner. I’ve also learned more about communication and being more open with others about my feelings and understanding theirs. The short time I have been seen has helped me make serious strides with my mental health and I’m continuing to do so moving forward."