photo of Andi Johnson - Therapist in Pearland Tx


Personal Experience and Biography

Everyone deserves a “so nice to finally see you” moment.

Hey there, sister! I’m Andrea, but you can call me Andi! I lived the majority of my life in hiding, wearing a mask of perfection, curating a fabricated, easily-palatable version of myself for others. I feared so desperately for approval from everyone outside of myself.

I lived this way for so long that my anxiety and depression were at an all time high, so I sought therapy.

Week after week, I showed up to the sessions, yet I was still hiding. I thought I had to be a “good client.” I didn’t disclose much, because what would she think of me?

Until one day, I was too tired to pretend. I sat down on that therapy couch, no makeup, tear-filled eyes, and with my walls completely down.

My therapist looked into my eyes and said, “So nice to finally see you.”

And gosh, it was so nice to be seen. My healing began there.

Everyone deserves a “so nice to finally see you” moment, and that’s what I give to my clients.

A safe, non=judgmental space to be seen. To be heard. To be understood.

The therapy room is one where you won’t have to preface your feelings with an invalidating disclosure statement so you don’t seem “too dramatic.” You won’t have to use gratitude as a weapon against yourself, and you certainly won’t have to hide anymore.

True fulfillment, purpose, and freedom is on the other side of those walls you’ve put up. We can work together to reach the other side in a way that feels safe for you.

Let me help you to finally be seen.



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"Andrea helped me find myself again. It wasn’t easy, but she managed to find stuff I didn’t even know was inside of me. Andrea coaxed and coached me through the mess in my head to find my strengths. She helped me see that I was so used to dealing with stress all the time that every stress looked the same. Flat tire. Spilled milk. Lost job. Mascara smear. Brain surgery. Unmatched socks. They all set off the same stress alert for me."