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Joshua Castro

Personal Experience and Biography

Hello, my name is Josh Castro. I am a licensed professional counselor and have been working in a private setting since 2016. I have been privileged to see many clients achieve not only the solutions they were looking for, but more importantly, make the long lasting changes that will help them live the rest of their lives more empowered and aware of the patterns that have gotten them to this point.

I have a passion for working with couples, whether in conflict, separation, premarital, or just wanting to reconnect. I believe some basic principles and skills in the area of communication, conflict resolution, and boundaries can work wonders. Also, with my 15+ years as a high school counselor, I also enjoy working with young adults as they navigate life’s many challenges and transitions.

Let me be a resource for you and your family, because nothing is more important.



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    "I can’t say enough about how thankful we are to have found Josh. Our marriage was in complete turmoil, on the brink of divorce, and my husband and I were at a loss for how to fix it. Josh immediately made us feel safe and comfortable to share our difficulties with him. He was able to help us see things from a perspective that we hadn’t seen before. After working with Josh for personal and relationship counseling for several months, my husband and I learned practical tools to listen and communicate more effectively, among offering us various other insights and strategies; and we eventually began to have a healthy relationship again. Thank you! 🙏"