There’s a difference between desiring big things…and becoming the woman who can actually hold them. 

Ambition often feels like living between two worlds:

The one where you are now and the one where you know you’re meant to be.

If you aren’t intentional, the space between can begin to feel like you are in limbo, like your life is on pause until you get “there.” Like until your circumstances change, right now isn’t good enough.

Unconsciously, you begin to expect your big vision to come save you. “I’ll be happy when….”

And the longer it takes to arrive, the more your ambition feels like a curse.

You give away your power to circumstances, without realizing your big vision wasn’t yours to begin with—it was God’s.

And if your power is given to circumstances, rather than to yourself and your co-creation with God, then the “less than perfect” circumstances that come WITH the big vision cannot be held by you.

When you learn to anchor into your identity as the woman who is chosen, the woman who is anointed for God’s big vision to be birthed through you, you become the woman who is responsible enough to be a steward of it.

It can be easy to pray for the big vision…

but have you developed into the woman who can hold what comes with it?

Are you the woman who can:
Hold the pressure
Approach the tough conversations
Commit to the vision no matter what
Face criticism
Disappoint people
Use her voice
Lead when it’s hard to

Become her first. The rest responds to you. 


Redefined Coaching by Andrea Johnson | Couples Counseling Pearland TX

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